Sahand N. Negahban


The focus of my research is to develop theoretically sound methods, which are both computationally and statistically efficient, for extracting information from large datasets. A salient feature of my work has been to understand how hidden low-complexity structure in large datasets can be used to develop computationally and statistically efficient methods for extracting meaningful information for high-dimensional estimation problems. My work borrows from and improves upon tools of statistical signal processing, machine learning, probability and convex optimization. In the past I applied these ideas to outcomes research in collaborations with the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation. Prior to that I worked with Prof. Devavrat Shah at MIT as a postdoc and Prof. Martin J. Wainwright at UC Berkeley as a graduate student.


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Technical Report Number 797
Oral Presentation given at Neurips 2009: Slides

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Simultaneous support recovery in high dimensions: Benefits and perils of block \(\ell_1/\ell_\infty\)-regularization


Stat 679A: High-dimensional Estimation
Stat 251: Stochastic Processes
Stat 362: Computational Tools in Data Science
Stat 669: Statistical Learning Theory